Everything you need to know about Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs play a crucial role in ensuring effective functioning of the garage door. Even though most springs are meant to last a couple of years, the frequent opening and closing of the garage door, constant wear & tear and changing weather conditions tend to weaken the springs and they end up breaking. In the event your garage door springs are loose or broken, it is important to ensure they are replaced as soon as possible so as to prevent further damage to other garage door components and also prevent accidents that could be caused as a result of broken garage door springs in your home in Tulsa Oklahoma

Garage Door Springs

There are mainly two types of garage door springs; the extension spring and the torsion spring.

Extension springs are located on both sides above the track and are most commonly used in residential garages. To open the door, the extension spring extends and thus provides a counterbalancing force to support the door. To effectively protect yourself against extension spring failure, it is advisable to install a safety cable.

Torsion springs are attached above the garage door and are responsible for opening the garage door. Unlike extension springs that extend, torsion springs coil around the shaft and use torque to raise the garage door.

  Some of the signs that you could use to know if your garage door spring is loose or broken include

· The garage door does not open at all when instructed

· The door is so heavy when you attempt to lift it on your own 

· Garage door closes itself with a loud bang after it is opened

· Garage closes but fails to open

· Garage door opens sluggishly 

In the event of such signs it is important to contract a reputable garage door spring replacement Tulsa expert who will be able to undertake effective spring replacement service.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Tulsa DIY or Not 

Because some people would prefer to undertake garage door replacement on their own, it is important to first understand that replacing garage door springs is not an easy task as it requires a little understanding of how garage springs work, physical strength and specialized tools that you may not have at home. Additionally, one may not know the correct spring to use for replacement. 

Making mistakes when replacing your spring can also result in severe injuries as garage door springs are usually under great levels of tension. To effectively replace your garage door springs on your own, it is advisable to first understand how the spring works and also have a garage door replacement kit that has everything including replacement springs and items that you may need during replacement of your spring. The garage door replacement kit will also have an easy to understand manual that will guide you through the process to effectively replace your spring. 

  Advantages of Using a Garage Door Spring Replacement Service 

In the event you cannot replace your garage door springs on your own nor do not want to undertake such a tasking job, the best option is to contact a reputable and experienced garage door spring replacement expert. Once contacted, they will visit your garage and have a review of your garage door spring system so as to enable them come up with effective measures and also identify any underlying problems and take corrective measures.

A professional garage door spring replacement specialists in Tulsa will have all necessary tools that will enable them effectively undertake the spring replacement task no matter how hard it might seem to be. Some of the tasks they will undertake include.

Replacing Both Springs

As most garages doors have two springs that were installed on the same date, it is important to replace all of them once one breaks down so as to avoid future inconveniences. Your garage door spring expert will be able to replace all the two garage door springs.

Undertake Safety Inspections

Because they have replaced numerous garage door springs over the years, your garage door specialist will be able to undertake safety inspections to ensure the replaced springs are functioning properly and that all garage door components are working in sync.

Additionally, having a Tulsa garage door specialist replace your springs is advantageous as they will be able to share with you tips on how to effectively maintain your garage door and best practices when opening and closing to enhance longevity.