Genie Garage Door Openers - Your Guide to Making the Right Choice

Genie garage door openers are mechanized gadgets used to open and close your garage doors. The option of a specific door opener will greatly depend upon the demands of a specific house owner. As an example, a few of the openers are quieter; others include a Genie garage door opener dealer in Wisconsin  Intellicode innovation for prevention of unauthorized accessibility to your home, and so on. Please see the summary of the "Do-It-Yourself Genie Door Openers" listed below to locate a Genie garage door opener, particularly for your needs.

1. DirectLift Screw Drive as well as DirectLift And also Screw Drive

These versions share the following usual features:

- Extremely durable, lasting, and also ideal made for an examination of strength.

- They have a 1/2 HP (Steed Power) motor.

- They are silent in procedure.

- Their screw drive is constructed from solid steel, offering maximum stamina.

- Safe-T-Beam System for simple operation of garage door.

DirectLift And also Screw Drive Genie garage door opener has some essential one-of-a-kind features:

- This garage door opener has a push-button control, which includes a flashlight and also wireless keypad.

- Advanced Genie IntelliCode intended to lessen the threats of theft: adjustments access pass code after every use.

2. PowerLift And also Excelerator as well as PowerLift Excelerator designs

This group appreciates the following attributes:

- They feature a Genie Intellicode, which alters the access code every time you utilize it, thus stopping unapproved access to your home.

PowerLift Excelerator Genie garage door opener has some wonderful unique attributes:

- This garage door opener opens twice as fast, and also it shuts at typical rate.

- Powerful 1/2 Equine Power DC motor, which could deal with the biggest of doors quickly.

- Its very peaceful in procedure, making it ideal for use near bedrooms as well as living areas.

- Powerful 2 60 Watt light bulbs with wide angle garage lights.

- It operates efficiently and silently also at -25 F (-32 C).

- Unique Ceiling-installable flush place layout

PowerLift And also Excelerator Genie garage door opener has some fantastic interesting features:

- Straight drive electric motor system for extreme training stamina.

- Its screw drive is machined from one-piece strong steel, making it extremely strong.

- It has less removaling components for quiet and also trustworthy procedure.

- It has an automated 120-watt lights body.

- It comes with a Safe-T-Beam body, which quits and also turns around when the door is disturbed.

3. QuietLift Belt Drive Genie garage door opener

- The excellent choice if you desire quiet procedure, with optimal strength as well as reliability.

- 1/2 HP (Equine Power) motor.

- Safe-T-Beam body: reverses the working of a door throughout operation.

- It has a long-lasting belt.

- It includes a Safe-T-Beam body, which stops and turns around a disrupted door.

- It comes with a  Genie garage door opener dealer in Wisconsin, which changes the access code every time you utilize it, hence preventing unauthorized accessibility to your residence.